Jan. 5, 2023

From Tragedy to Purpose with The Salty Twins

From Tragedy to Purpose with The Salty Twins

Linda Rivera’s death due to complications from contracting E. coli was a devastating loss for her community, her friends, her family, and especially for her husband Richard and her sons Jay, Tony, & Ricky Simpson.

Dealing with a huge loss at such a young age, her twin sons Tony & Ricky, A.K.A The Salty Twins, have found a way to propel themselves forward using their mother as the catalyst to spread positivity and love to the world. 

The Salty Twins embody the power of resilience and the ability to find purpose and meaning in the face of tragedy.

The ladies of A Witch, A Mystic, & A Feminist are honored that The Salty Twins have chosen our Podcast to recount their story of Tragedy to Purpose for the first time.