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Jennifer Schlueter

Certified Hypnotherapist

In 2015 after her first hypnosis session, Jennifer Schlueter quit her job as Managing Editor of 22 newspapers to travel the world while working from anywhere. During the course of her travels to dozens of countries, hypnosis has helped her in so many ways that she went on to become a certified hypnotherapist as well as teach Spiritual Hypnosis. She works with individuals and groups and supports them in manifesting their dream life.

May 2, 2023

Beyond the Surface: Using Spiritual Hypnosis for Deep Transformation …

In this episode of A Witch, A Mystic & A Feminist, Marlena, Christy and Jamie are joined by a certified spiritual hypnotherapist, Jennifer Schlueter. They delve into the topic of spiritual hypnosis and how it can help individ...

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