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Kristine Daizy Lemler

CEO/Teacher/Cosmic Mama

I've been on my own healing journey my whole life, but not until the catalyst of living a very unfulfilling life, devoid of purpose brought me to the path of becoming a healer and Reiki Master. I have been actively practicing Reiki since 2018, however I have been energy healing intuitively my whole life. As a certified yoga teacher since 2014 and a teacher since 2000, I have always found value in being of service to my community. I have combined my gifts and what I have learned along my own path, as its own perfect combination to guide others to the path of Freedom and Choice that makes us remember that we are Alive and here to live a life beyond what we were always taught. A life that empowers our own healing in order for us to become the most Divinely lead version of ourselves we are destined to be. I work with not only Reiki but other modalities to help you decompress from stress and tightness in the body by listening on a deeper level to what wisdom lies for us in reading both your energy field and your body cues. What can be found when we slow down and listen is usually a lot of suppressed emotion, trauma and grief, which we haven't been able to process due to many reasons. I find this part of my work to be the most incredible because people allow me in to listen and speak to them that which has been so hard for them to process and hear, or to confirm their own understandings. Healing is our birthright and the way we come into right relations with the parts of us that have been in imbalance in order to have a quality of life built in longevity and freedom for us for the time we have left to live on this planet.

May 9, 2023

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April 4, 2023

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March 28, 2023

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