Marlena's Most Recent Psychic Reading - So Much Has Changed, Yet So Much Is Still The Same

December 08, 2022

Marlena's Most Recent Psychic Reading - So Much Has Changed, Yet So Much Is Still The Same
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Listen in as Marlena discusses her reading with Chicago psychic medium, Meredyth Willits (also known as Meredyth with a Why). What was supposed to be a reading about Marlena's tattoos and the placement of her tattoos, turned into Marlena getting what she truly needed from this reading.

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Marlena's Reading

 Welcome back to A Witch A Mystic and A Feminist. It's a very special little mini episode for you guys. Marlena had a fun, I don't know, reading this week, and so we're gonna chat a little bit about that. But first, I know I'm excited, but first I just wanted to, you know, touch base. It's been. A little while , since we've chatted, since we've seen each other's faces.

Yeah. How's everybody doing?


Anything exciting?

I was just thinking this morning, I'm like, when was the last time I talked to them? I felt like we had so many recordings, like so close to each other, and then I thought, wow, it's been a minute. It's been like a week . So that's.

it's only been a week. I know, but it does feel like it's been a while.

But it's been a while. We were like trying to get out some podcasts done and have them scheduled for the holidays. So I'm excited for today. The week's been great. Um, again, just, you know, restarted my old new job and things are going well. Um,

glad to hear

yes. Let's see what else? Oh, Stella, uh, soccer. Uh, she won second.

Her and her team took

second place yesterday and their U 12 girls woo, uh, went defeated all season and then unfortunately lost a championship. But that's okay. They had a great time. So much fun. So proud of them. And now we're going to the area regional.

So, um, soccer season still doesn't end . So here, we're here we're,

keeps going.

it keeps going.

But things are good. Uh, good weeks. Things are well, things are.


Yeah. Marlena.

you? Oh, okay. I'll go

Oh, tag.

Don't all talk at once.

Tag your it.

Um, I've been sick, as you guys know. Um, and so I'm finally really on the mend. So I'm, uh, I think yesterday was my first day outta the house in like two weeks.

Oh my

But, uh, , which, you know, some of this reading will, will discuss that a little bit, but, um, but yeah, you know, just starting to really feel better and nothing major going on.

Do you have your energy back and stuff? I mean, you feel, you feeling like a hundred percent are you, eh,

Um, definitely not a hundred percent by, I'm on antibiotics and steroids.

all the things

Yeah. I'm like Big Pharma loves me right now.



I'm glad you're feeling better though, cuz it's been, I mean, it's been a while,  of you just like fighting things, so. Oh.

And you, Christie?

Oh me. Um, yeah, it's been good. I know after I said like, it's been a minute since we've talked. No, it's actually only been a week. Um, but it feels like a while. So yeah, I, my week was busy.

Good. Um, but I am, I don't know, a lot of kinda exciting things this week. I just, I started writing like, Making that a priority again, instead of making excuses for, you know, oh, I gotta clean the house before I can write, or I gotta do this before I can write. So, so that felt really good this week to kind of prioritize that.

Um, so hopefully I'll have some more, you know, good poetry  to post.

I love your poetry. I, you are just,

it's beautiful.

talented and I just, I love it and I love that you are actually putting your stuff yourself out there and putting your stuff out there. It's just, it's amazing and I think you're

Thank you. Yeah, I mean, 

I concur. 

you. And it's been, you know, it's been interesting. So, you know, my reading, uh, like a month or two ago, whenever that happened, was prioritizing kind of myself and, and my creative passions. And so I've been struggling with that. But, you know, in the past few weeks, um, prioritizing the podcast, prioritizing my writing, prioritizing.

Myself, I have been, and I don't know if this is coincidence, but I have been seeing, like, I'll look up at the clock and it's 1111, right. and 

It's not a coincidence. We don't believe in coincidences. 

okay. Right. Okay. And, um, And the, one of the, I don't remember what day it was, but um, I think it was, I text you guys and it was 1111 when I text you, and I didn't even like, like when I was like reading and going through and I'm like, wow.

I was like, this is so weird. So I feel like I'm, I'm kind of, you know, doing what I'm supposed to be doing and, um, and just feeling a lot more centered, I guess, um, in my creativity. Um, and then I posted my first TikTok this week,

I know it was so

I haven't seen it yet.

I'm, I'm such, I'm such a dore. It is such a dorky TikTok. But 

I'm gonna watch it right now. I'm gonna watch it Right. No, 

abl like, I was just like, I gotta do this. This is so much fun. Um, and then I, and then I talked to, um, my youngest and he, he loves to sing, but he loves to like, do. The little rap parts, like fast parts of songs. And so he spends a lot of time learning them.

And so we're in the car, um, last night and I'm like, would you wanna do like a TikTok with me? Like we could, we could sing together. And he goes, and he goes, can we not show my face? And I don't think I'm ready to show my face. And I said, baby, I'm like, I have very little followers. No one's gonna see your face  like he goes, but what if you get more followers?

I'm like, okay, I will respect you if you, if this is what you want, we can totally do it this way. But, um, but he was so cute. He was like, yeah, I would do that with you. Can I pick the song? And I was like, sure. So we'll see. But I just told him, he's like, is it gonna be live? I'm like, oh, hell no. It's not gonna be live.

There's some editing that goes on with it. Don't worry, baby

I'm like, I know. So yeah, so creativeness all around. So that's making me feel very, very centered and very happy.

That is fantastic. I love

yeah. Yeah.

You're one up on me. Christy. I have yet to release a

oh, are you? 

just troll. 

I have to tell you, so my, uh, Instagram algorithm is all messed up because you send me the cute, um, animal videos, right? And so now, because , because like I open 'em and I'm like, oh my God, that's funny.

So now like they're all in my feed. And so last night I'm like showing Brian, he's like, stop it. Stop. I don't wanna see any more cute puppies. And. Look at this cute puppy. Look at this. Oh, look at this cute bunny. And he's like, I'm like, he's like, why are you getting all these animal videos? I'm like, it's Jamie Jamie's fault.

She sends me's. Jamie's fault.

Blame Jamie.

fucked up my algorithm.

need to throw something in the, so my algorithm gets switched up because this is all I'm getting. This is all I'm getting.

all right, you asked for it.


That's all I get. 

right now. It's like dogs spirituality and then that one chick that always does the, that brandy keeps 

Yes. Yes. One in the bathroom

Oh yes. I wa


girl in the bathroom or whatever. Yeah, I wa



Girl in the bathroom. She's fantastic. I love her. . Ha.

and she's so brandy. She would be so that would so be Brandy

No, some of her, her facial expressions and 

look like her 

of Brandi. I'm like, so hello to our other ster, Brandi, um, Keep sending Thoses,


But my mission this week is to mess up Jamie's algorithm. Yep. And

Please, please. I need, I need some, I need a mash up. I need a little bit. I need a little something else. Well, something else. I mean, I love my animal videos, but it's like animal videos, spirituality, uh, let's see, day drinking with moms and like, I don't know, I, yeah, that's my algorithm. So gimme something

Yes. All right. All right. We'll do it.

Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted, 

I love it. Okay. Refocus.

I had my reading, and unlike Christie, I am completely out of alignment I obviously, I mean, I've been sick and it's, it really has been one thing after another where I had a medical procedure done, and so then like a week later I got really sick and I'm still like fighting that. Um, a couple weeks before my medical procedure, I had a really bad cold, thought I had covid, you know, just a, a whole lot going on and I know that when that's happening to.

I'm just, I'm completely out of alignment. My mind, body, and soul are not in sync. So I was on TikTok,

Huh, good. Segueway

And she had come up on my feet. I had never seen her before, um, hadn't heard of her, but she has this tattoo placement, um, series on her TikTok. And her TikTok is Meredith with a y and I'll put her information in the, in the show notes.

But, um, she has this tattoo placement. Series and spiritually like what it means when it's in certain areas, when you have tattoos in certain areas or when you get them placed in certain areas. Um, So I was super fascinated, like totally went through this entire series and you know, just sitting there, Vince is like trying to talk to me, can't hear him.

I'm just going through this series,

to you. I'm very sorry,

I'm like, I sorry, this is just super important to me right now. But it's, it's fascinating. So I made this appointment with her, with the intention of discussing. Tattoos and then all of a sudden everything just kind of got out of whack. I started feeling, you know, completely out of alignment, started getting sick.

I'm, I'm questioning my career choices and, you know, things like that. And prioritizing, like you said, prioritizing the podcast, you know, so I have a lot of, and I don't wanna, well, I have a lot of stressors in my life right now. Um, and so, I was just completely feeling overwhelmed. So she calls me up, we start the reading, and I'm telling her that the reason why I contacted her was because of her tattoo placement series.

And so we start going into that and she said that, you know how she started this was her daughter actually asked her, you know, what does it mean when someone gets a tattoo in a certain place? And she hadn't really thought about it and doesn't, you know, come into her awareness until it's brought to her attention.

So she really started diving. Into it, and it has to do with the placement of your tattoos and the meridian lines within your body. Meridian lines are. Basically, if you follow Chinese medicine, um, they are the lines. It's your chi, it's the flow of energy throughout your body. So if you do acupuncture, you know, they actually put the pins like following meridian lines basically.

And those meridian lines have underlying organs. So what she was saying was in researching this and with her, her spirit guides and, and everything, um, that the body placement of the tattoos is in line where you are emotionally ill, if that makes sense.

that's interesting. Okay.

So one of her, within the tattoo series, the placement of a tattoo on your shoulder, it's a feeling of being overwhelmed or overcoming that overwhelming feeling.

So, After Logan, my dog died. Um, and I went to Hawaii a couple days later. Our last day, Vince and I, we went and got tattoos and I got a tattoo on my shoulder and I call it my Logan shark. I got a shark on my, on my shoulder, and it makes sense because I was so overwhelmed with grief and of losing my dog that I actually got the tattoo placed there.

So thinking about some of my tattoos and, and during the times that I've gotten them, um, sometimes it was during traumatic times, like I got a tattoo on my right calf after my dad died. Um, you know, I got a tattoo on my ankle after Vince and I had broken up the first time. Um, I, you know, so a lot of my tattoos were after something that actually hurt me.

So that emotional illness, I guess, um, you know, makes sense to me.

That's interesting. I was just thinking like, I think all my tattoos, one tattoo I got after like an emotional kind of, you know, thing. But all the rest of my tattoos have come from a place of like, I'm feeling strong and badass. So, so go ahead. But I was just, I was just like, hi. I don't know if like, besides one, I don't know.


starting to analyze our own now, right? We're like, huh, huh?


sometimes when you, when you get them, you know, you don't necessarily need to be in a bad place or, or whatnot. It's also overcoming certain things. If you're feeling strong and you've just overcome this,

true? Yep.

whatever it is, that could be it as well. So if you go to her, uh, TikTok Meredith with. actually has it linked all the entire series linked, so you can, you can check that out.

Also, I plan on bringing her on the show to discuss this. So one thing I didn't know about her is she's also a podcaster, so everybody go check out her podcast, Meredith with a Y. All again, put her information in the show links. Show notes. She's pretty interesting. Like I started listening to her podcasts, um, following our reading.

So that was the information that I received regarding the tattoos. It actually, the reading ended up turning into more of a, uh, career reading because that's kind of where I feel out of alignment.



The whole tattoo thing started when, as I stated in a previous episode at a work event, you know, a conversation came up about my tattoos and it wasn't a positive conversation.

And um, I was just, and that was almost like the last straw for me with feeling disrespected in, you know, because I was being personally attacked.

And judged. And judged. How dare they

So I was just like, okay, I'm talking with Meredith with regards to the tattoos, and I told her that, you know, originally this was what I wanted my reading to be about.

But as we started getting closer, I, you know, started feeling more and more out of alignment. Again, I'm sick, I can't meditate because I can't breathe, so how am I gonna focus on my breathing? You know? And, and then also I can't breathe, so I can't sleep at night, so of course I can't sleep at night. So I'm completely in my head about everything that's going on and work.

The podcast. So we started talking about the podcast and the cool thing is, is you know, again, she's a podcaster, so it actually turned into more of a mentoring session. Um,


Yes. So there's a lot that the three of us will discuss, um, . you know, one of the things that she was telling me was that, that my throat chakra is blocked.

And you know, I found that interesting because. When I talk a lot and you know, and I'm loud and, but she's like, no. It's kind of interesting that you have a podcast because you're kind of just musing through it, like you're doing it because your higher self and your guides are telling you the. This is what you're supposed to be doing, but you feel like really topsy turvy and like out of sync with it.

And she was like, so we started doing a couple exercises together and she was just like, I don't even know how you are able to do this. She's like, I have to give you props because like, there's no way that I would be able to do this. My throat is completely tightening up and I don't know how you're able to like do this podcast when your throat chakra is so blocked.

Wow. Really?

And I was like,

Okay. Yeah. I'm like, yeah. Oh, okay. Can I ask you though, did that resonate with.



mean, I know you said like, okay, cuz I know you said like, well, I talk a lot, so it's weird. But like once she started, you know, once you started talking a little more about it, did it like, I think you're right, kind of thing or, yeah.

That resonates. Okay.

made sense. 

know you guys know that before each episode and everything, I get really, really nervous and you know, and then all of a sudden my brain stops working when we, when we're talking like mid-sentence and whatnot and you know, I get a lot of anxiety just. Doing this, and this is one of the things she was telling me, but I, I totally get it.

Um, I have a lot of childhood healing that I still need to do. And, you know, I know during our q and a, uh, episode, my mom had asked me, what did you think about your ch, like, did you have a good childhood? And I very much did within my family, but it was. Outside of my family where I would be teased and bullied and told I was stupid and, and things like that, that I still have a lot of healing to do.

And so, To come on here and have this podcast where, you know, and she even asked, she's like, what is your goal with this podcast? And I was like, she's like, is it to get sponsorship? Is it to, you know, a source of income? I'm like, we don't make any money. Like it's not, this is that, that's not it.

like right now it's a passion project. That's 


It's a creative outlet. And so I was like, the purpose of this podcast is to get our message out there of healing and personal growth, getting our message out there. It's not to become rich off of this or anything. I'm like, again, we're not making any money. Like we're not even trying to at this point.

And so, um, again, I'm trying to heal myself and I have all these childhood things that I need to, I need to heal. Um, and so she was saying that part of this again, is my spirit guides telling me that this is what we're supposed to do, um, that we are being guided to. Do this podcast. And so that's exactly the same thing that Jen had told me am I reading six months ago where she was saying that, you know, this is what you're supposed to do and you're supposed to, um, help balance the masculine and feminine.

Interestingly, Meredith said the same thing


and that my masculine and feminine. Are out of balance right now, which they always have been. Um, I've always been more. Masculine in certain things that I do in, in my life. Um, and she even told me, she's like, you're more 70 30, um, masculine, and one of the things that I'm supposed to do is I need to balance that.

And so I was like, well, what are my spirit guides saying with regards to that? And she's like, have you ever met your spirit guides? And I. No, like I haven't, like I know that they're there, but I haven't met them. And so she was like, okay. So she starts talking about two of my guides, my masculine guide and my feminine guide.

So my masculine guide get, this is a woman.

Oh really?

So she said what she, she keeps hearing the word north, like a woman from the north, um, female fighter. She has this silver sword that kind of covering her face. And the minute she said that, um, I, I have a te deck, and the Night of Swords has this sword that goes across his.

So, um, that was immediately what I saw. And so she said there, there's a sword and then there's engraving, um, across the sword or going down the sword that she's the one that cuts through the bullshit that I have a bullshit detector because

you do.

she Right. 

I'm like getting goosebumps right now. I'm like, oh my God, this is so spot on. This is so spot on.

So my human design and my reading with Jen, and you know, the fact that people can't lie to me because I know when they're lying, I'll play it off. I'm like, you go ahead. You tell your story, but I know you are full of shit. You know? And I'm sure at this point you know that. I know that you know that. I know that you're full of shit kinda 


You know? Yeah,



So she was saying that this spirit guide, my masculine guide, this, you know, very warrior-like fighter, fighter chick is my bullshit detector. And so whenever I'm doing anything she told me, you know, put my left hand on, you know, my stomach, on my, on my sacral chakra. And I'll be able to determine at that point if something is truthful.


I was like, okay. Interesting. She was like, and this is the guide that is around the majority of the time. Again, because I'm more 70 30

Yes. Yeah, makes sense.

So my feminine guide is, she said this old chunky grandmother, like, you know, think about more of like the 18 hundreds and like the really clingy dress with the big bom and you know, big hips and you know, big booty and just very strong.

But you know, that chunky old grandmother 

Mm-hmm. confident in self.


but she's the one that basically holds me and nurtures me during the times that I need it, but I'm constantly pushing her down because I'm constantly leaning on the masculine side of who I am. That

That makes sense. Yeah.

So she was saying that, uh, what I need to do is again, find that balance of masculine and feminine.

And this sounded so much like my reading with Jen, where Jen was telling me I need to find the balance between masculine and feminine, not only within myself, but outside of myself as well. I need to find that and then teach that. Well, that's what Meredith said as.

Wow. That is so cool.

And it was just, It was so crazy. And so I was like, okay. But then I was . Then I was, you know, kind of disappointed in myself because here I am like six months later and it's like, you know, my spirit guides are all telling me the same things they were telling me six months ago, like, you know,

They're like, are you paying

Oh yeah.

paying? You know, but, but the thing is, is within the last couple months, I find myself reverting back to who I was. Um, you know, and again, not focusing on taking care of me, not focusing on. My meditation and, you know, making sure that I'm in alignment, not taking care of my health. I've been sick and, you know, I had the medical procedure then I've been sick, so it's been like a month, month and a half.

I haven't done anything. I haven't done yoga. I haven't, you know, it, it's been, I've just been completely out of alignment and. So this reading came exactly when I needed it to, and that's even what she said. She was like, you know, you came to me with the intention of the tattoos, but really what's going on is these are the things that that need to be fixed.

And so she gave me, you know, a few exercises that I've been working on, that I've been working on, and, and. Strangely, like, you know, I start doing it and I just start like bawling and everything and I was like, okay, which is, which is good. It's definitely releasing some of this stuff, but when you're sick as hell and you can't breathe anyway, and then you start crying, it's like, yeah, So I'm glad I'm feeling better because , you know, now I can really start doing these exercises.

But I mean, you know what, it's stemming from what the, the misalignment is coming from, right? Mostly so,

right. And it's definitely my career. So whenever I'm having like personal issues, if I'm having issues with, with Vince or with a kid, you know, my entire soul hurts my entire world, you know, just crashes down on my shoulders and, you know, it's, it's not just me getting sick, it's. Negative things happening over and over again when I'm out of alignment with them.

Luckily, I'm, Vince and I are completely solid and there are no issues and my kid, we have the things that we are working on and dealing with, and so it's not anything, you know, like that it's, it really is my career. But my career means a lot to me. Like I've, I've worked so hard for it and I feel like I'm not, I don't know if this is where I'm supposed to be, kind of thing, you know, and, and changing who I am and you know, the, all of the changes that I've made in the last couple years.

You know, I don't know what my career holds for me any longer and, and what I'm supposed to do. And so that's where part of the reading went, which, you know, I, I can go into at a later date.


later podcast

But yeah,

That'll be a later podcast. But, um, one of the cool things is, is she also agreed that she would come onto the show and we could discuss the actual tattoo placements and, and stuff like that. So, um, I'm really excited about that. She, like I said, she started giving me mentoring tips with regards to the podcast.

With regards to interviewing and stuff like that, because I'm like, I'm not a journalist. Like I have no idea of how to interview somebody, with the exception of like a job interview. I interview people all the time, but I know what I wanna know. And in a sense, it's, it's the same thing though. She was just like, You need to be super curious and you need to find people that bring out that curiosity, that bring out that three year old curiosity in you that you could just sit there and start picking their brain versus scripting things and things like that.

And it was definitely very interesting, um, her take on it. And I loved speaking to. I loved speaking with her, so I think you guys are gonna absolutely love her. Um,

a reading. Now I'm gonna

go sign up. like, I want one now. I want one

definitely. No, she's, she's fantastic and again, you know a lot of what she said. Well, okay, one, her talking about my spirit guides because what Jen had told me about my spirit guides were, they're just very matter of fact, which is how I am. I'm just, you know, I need, I need the facts. I need to state the fact everything is, is facts, and that's how my spirit guides are.

Whereas Meredith was able to give me more insight about my spirit guides and give me more of a description and how they are like, it was super cool because I hadn't had that before. So I was really excited about that, to hear about that. Um, I definitely want another reading once I'm a little more in alignment so I can ask.

Different types of questions. Not, you know, what, what does my career hold for me and what is it? , you know,

More specific questions. More direct. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah. More fun 


And I love the fact that she's, oh, sorry,

No, no, go ahead. Go ahead, Kristy. I'm, go ahead.

I was just gonna say, I love the fact that she said you need to find people that bring out your, your three year old curiosity. Right. Because that is one of the reasons why I. I said yes to doing this podcast with you two is because you guys like you bring out my curiosity, right?

Like, so when I'm asking you questions, it's not scripted. It's literally cuz like I, I wanna pick your brain, right? I don't know these things. So like, you know, tell me. And so I think it's really interesting that she said that cuz it, that really resonates with me.  with you two, you know, and then, Yeah, and then even people that we talk about bringing on, I'm like, oh, that's awesome.

Like I know nothing. So let's go

Let's do it. Let's play,

It's all the questions. So.

Well, I was gonna say, and going back to the tattoo placement, um, piece of it I find so interesting because my brain goes to. Did I pick that spot because I thought it'd be less painful, or did I pick it because my inner self was saying, I need it here, you know, so now my brain's going like, okay, did I pick my ankle first?

Because I could hide that later if I needed to. You know, I, it's like I'm just, I'm question not questioning. I'm just thinking to my tattoos and how I did not mean, obviously one of them is my ring, my wedding ring is a tattoo. I know the meaning behind that. But what does that mean? You know, , it's like,

so watch her series because I mean, she has a bunch of, I mean, she talks about the face, she talks about the right arm, the left arm, the right hand and wrist, the left hand and wrist, um, legs, ankles. The, the spy. So she has all of these things, and one of the things she was stating in, in one of her, uh, one of her TikTok tos was that like, if you have, say you tattooed a, you know, a slice of pizza on you, It could have to do with food, of course, but you know, your love of food, you put a Disney character on you.

Um, that's something within your childhood that you are either healing from or healed from, kind of thing.

It's just so interesting cuz now I'm like, I always felt like, okay, I'm doing this because I want it here because it's less painful, or I can hide it later if I need to. And now I'm like, oh.

And mine, I've, I've always had to balance mine now, so I have on my left foot, I have my spine, but then I've got my right shoulder. And so, so like in order for me to get another tattoo, I have to get two because I have to keep everything in balance. So unless I'm getting it on my, no, I'm serious. Like, so unless I'm getting on my spine or like on like my belly, my ribcage or whatever, Like if I'm getting a, on a, you know, on a wrist, then I have to make sure I'm getting something on the other side of my body to balance everything out.

and that's interesting. The tattoo placement, it's the outreach of your soul. So if your, your soul may be telling you that you need to be balanced. I don't know. So yeah, we need to bring Meredith on here so that we can pick her brain more, um, about all of this because it's just, it's super fascinating to me.

And like the three of us, we all have tattoos and for us it would be so much fun to have her on here and be like, okay, my broccoli tattoo, like, And it's not actually broccoli, it's just, it's one of my earliest tattoos that was an island with palm trees. And now that I've gotten older and it's like, you know, stretched and back and stretched and gone back, and now it looks like broccoli So I call it my broccoli tattoo.

Where is that one?

It's on my, it's on my ankle,


on my ankle.

it looking like

you're like, where's your broccoli tattoo?

Which is a good thing that I like. Broccoli,



I can see Meredith now. Okay, so we have a broccoli tattoo. No, no, no.

No, it's not broccoli. It didn't start out that

didn't start off that way.

it morphed into broccoli. So does that mean anything? I'm not sure.

So what happens when your tattoos morph into something else?


It's a whole nother


It's a whole nother thing.

but that was pretty much my reading.

That's awesome.

to hear about it. I'm like, oh, I can't wait to

I know.

Yeah. So,

love how it morphed too into what you really needed to talk about and how would she have known

Yeah. It totally turned into a, the right, it turned into a therapy session that I, that I definitely needed so.

awesome. And Meredith sounds amazing. We like podcast friends.

Does she have names from your spirit guides at all or are they just

She did not give me any names. No,

no names? Yeah. We've talked about spirit guides before and I always talk about how I've met Joan, but I have had psychics mediums. I've had one tell me, I'm not quite sure if she's your guide, more as. An angel, a spirit who has connected themselves with you

Attach themselves to you. 

attack. Yes. Um, and I'll be honest, when I first heard that, I'm like, hmm, no, she's my spirit guide like this. This is what I've always been told. Like this is what I learned. This is through that meditation. All the things, like all these years. This is, and she even said, sometimes you need to be told in order to accept it in certain ways.

But now I'm definitely at a different place in my life where I am relating more to the other side and accepting things and not being so scared. So maybe it was just time to hear what she truly could be. I don't know. I really wanna dive into that more. But it's interesting when you said about your spirit guides, and she was talking about that because I was given a name and I have had other people talk about their spirit guides and they're like, no, I, I never got a name.

I just know this is what they look like. Or, you know, this is what I've been. So I'm finding it interesting now, like I said, the last reading with, um, Vanessa, she's like, well, maybe this is how, what you needed to hear in order to first accept it.


But now, like this is just what I'm sensing. I don't really know if she's a spirit guide in that traditional sense, but more of a, a spirit who's attached themselves to you that feels they need to be there for you.

So it was very interesting, but I, that's why I was curious if she gave you any names, cuz

No, she didn't give me any names. I did find it super cool though that my masculine guide is a badass chick like that to me, I'm just

I would expect nothing less. I mean, honestly, like knowing you, I would expect nothing less than that. Like, and with the sword, like in front of the face, I'm like, well, yeah. Okay. Yeah, that makes total sense. 

so spot on. Yes.

she's my bullshit detector.

Yes. And your bullshit detector. I mean, my God, like, this is, this is so you in a nutshell, it's, it's crazy how, how spot on it

yeah. For me, that was the best part of the reading because.


I, with all of the readings that I've had, I don't know why. I've never actually asked about my spirit guides. Like I've never, even when I had a reading with Jen where it was a soul reading and she's telling me what my spirit guides are saying, but I didn't ever ask about.

My guides. And so that the fact that I got the information about the guides, um, is, it's just so cool. Like, I, I don't know. I, I have this, I can't even describe the feeling by, you know, I'm super happy. I'm super happy to know, um, who a couple of my guides are,

Yeah, because in all your readings that we've discussed, it's always been, what are my guides saying? What are my guides saying? What are my guides saying? Never

are my guides.

guides? Yes. So that is so, oh my gosh, I feel I just got chills again. Like that is, it's such a different level when you know the ones who are trying to help you.

From the other side when you know who they are or what they are. And for you, that is just huge because you're right. And every reading has been like, what are they saying I should do? What should I

do? what are they 

do? Yeah, like

And that's me. Like, I need to know what's going to take place with, with, 

people. Facts. 

just tell me what to do and give me like direction. And when I get my readings, that's exactly what I want. It's like a. I don't cut through the bullshit basically, and give me the facts, tell me what I'm supposed to do. And I know in our original readings, uh, episode, I was like, definitely listen to your intuition.

But because I've been so out of alignment, my intuition and, you know, my inner voice has been so off. And what I mean by off, I mean like the light switch is off. I can't hear anything I. Um, yeah, this reading came exactly at the time I needed it to, even though it is pretty much the same reading that I got previously.

Yeah, you needed to hear it again.

And that's on me because that means I haven't been doing the work and I needed to hear it again. Yeah.

a different voice, apparently. Yeah.


But that's just like in life, dude. , that's just like when like,

when mom tells you something,

Yeah. Oh yeah. I was just gonna say, or like, you know, five different people tell you the same thing and you're just like, uh, and then finally that sixth person is like, tells you exactly what they, you know, all your other friends said and you're like, oh, you might be right.

And all your friends are like, what the fuck is wrong with you? Like, I've been telling you this for like, you know, and you're like, sorry, I just needed to hear it from someone else.

Oh yeah. All your guides are saying, we already told you this.


so that's my reading in a nutshell.

I love it.

I'm excited to have her on the show. Um, Meredith, the

Meredith with a y. Um, yeah, so I will be contacting her. We'll have her on the show, uh, in 2023 of course. Um, as we are going to be taking a short break, a couple week break at the end of December. So, but yeah, I'm just, I'm really excited for the new year, um, and, and what this podcast is gonna bring. So.

Great. Well, thank you for joining us on a Witch and of Feminists. This was really fun. We just kind of wanted to do a little mini episode on the reading, and I think we all had a, which it, I mean, well, when I was like bringing us in, I'm like this, I'm gonna say mini episode. However, I should probably just like, Say something cuz we talk a lot.

So it probably isn't a mini episode, but that's okay. It's a special episode. Let's just say a special episode. 

Um, but yes, thank you for joining us on a Witch and a Feminist. As always, thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting us and go follow us on all the social media. We will see you in 2023.

And just a reminder,

Oh, Tuesdays.

Tuesdays in 2023. We're coming back. Not on Thursdays. On Tuesdays. So we'll remind you. Don't worry. But yes, Tuesdays. See you then.